On the road again🚘🚘🚘

And we are off for another IndyCar race; this time at Texas Motor Speedway, Fort Worth!

Randi and Arnt is joining us for a weekend of fun😎🏎🏎🏎Driving through the country side enjoying the scenery and the small cozy places along the road, with Alan as the driver and Arnt took care of the navigation😊

After a while, the backseat girls decided it was time for lunch and we found this great diner, ‘Penny’s diner’ in Hearne👍🏼

Saturday we did a little sightseeing and ended up in Little Elm, by this man-made lake where kids (and some adults) had fun in the water😃 We just had lunch and enjoyed the scenery😃

Driving back to the hotel to get ready for the evening of racing, we had a little scary situation on the road😱

We were in the wrong lane from where we were suppose to turn right, so we tried hard to move over but nobody would let us in…. Alan finally managed to ‘sneak’ in, but the guy behind us did NOT like that at all!!! He held his hand on the horn and tried to ram his car into us😱 Alan took off and drove down the road; suddenly the guy was on our side and tried to drive into us again… We turned off the road and the angry man 😡 followed us honking his horn and tried to ram into us again😱 After a couple of crazy turns and tricking him to turn a different direction, we finally lost him! A little bit shook up and frightened we found back to where the road was and got to the hotel🙏🏼 Lesson learned; never try to get into a line of cars if they don’t want to let you in🤪 Sorry; no pictures from this! Couldn’t find the camera in time, or too upset😮

The rest of the evening was eventful at the race track, but not with us in the driver seat thankfully😃

Checking out @CharlieKimball’s car😊

@WillPower did not have a good race, but luckily not hurt🙏🏼


Fantastic ending to an eventful day😃

Bon Voyage🛳🛳🛳

The three amigo’s decided to take a short cruise to celebrate Aase’s birthday in April😎

Thanks to Josh at; jterrell@vacationstogo.com who set up and arranged all the cruise details for us!

We decided to go with Carnival cruise line, since we had been with them before. The Valor had about 3000 passenger on, so needless to say; it was a big 🚢 ship!


We left Galveston Saturday afternoon and the cruise was taking us to Cozumel and Progreso, just outside the capital Mérida https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mérida,_Yucatán of the Yucatán in Mexico🇲🇽

Aase was celebrated from morning to evening🎉 Started off with champagne and some gifts

and finished off with lovely dinner in the restaurant including birthday cake and singing by the waiters around her😃

The ship was kept very nice and clean and we had lots of entertainment on board in all the different theaters and bars around on the ship.

We even met some ‘celebrities’ on board😂

We had a cabin with a balcony, which I think is worth the little extra money you pay! Whether it is in the morning or evening; you are guaranteed a beautiful view of the ocean and sky😃

If you want to get away and just relax, for a few days, cruising is the way to go

@Watergarden Inn at the Bay

We have stayed at this lovely Bed and Breakfast


for several years in a row, and we love this place and the location is perfect! It is right in the middel of downtown St. Petersburg. The couple that runs the place is a lovely couple and the service is fantastic! There is nothing more relaxing than sitting on the patio with a cup of coffee in the morning or a glass of wine in the evening.

And the winner is….

Sebastien Bourdais🏁🏁🏁

What a day filled with excitement!!! Lots of new drivers was lined up in the first places and gave us a lot of interesting driving! Rookie Robert Wickens was leading the majority of the race, but just two laps left of the race he got bumped by another car and Sebastien Bourdais took over the lead and won the opening of 2018 Indy car series, in his ‘hometown’😀

What else did we do today?? Well, we got to mingle with the ‘rich and famous’😂 Let’s just call it the best looking drivers there is😉 @Dario Franchitti and @Courtney Force😊

And Alan got to pretend he was famous😂😂😂

Indy car, St. Petersburg

Most of the day today was spent at the race event. We saw a lot of cars, engines, drivers and qualifying/racing!

The most exciting thing was to actually be at the track when the cars started!!! I have never been that close before, and it was LOUD but fun!!!! Thanks again to Jeff🙏🏼

We were sad to see Sandi and Robert leave tonight, but we wish them all the best in their new adventure in California 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼 Hopefully we will be over there soon to visit 😊

It is cold!!!

Never thought it was going to be this cold in St. Petersburg😱 We were heading out for an early dinner, when we first arrived here, and ended up in the first restaurant we stumbled onto, because it was too cold to walk around outside! The food was great and we enjoyed the atmosphere in this cozy restaurant 😍

Home Alternative

Friday morning we met up with our friends; Sandy and Robert and we headed out to get the free passes they got from his ‘close’ friend @Jeff Lepper, the marketing manager of Pirelli World Challenge😊

with these passes we were allowed in everywhere and got to see everything and everyone worth seeing😊 Well, the men had probably more interest in all the cars and engines🙄 But we had a fun day at the track and the sun came out and warmed us up too😎 Inside the big area of the event there is always plenty of food to choose from, so I don’t think we would ever starve😂Finished the day off with some champagne at our patio and dinner at @Farm to Table for a lovely dinner amongst some of the drivers in the race🏁😊

St. Petersburg, Florida

Heading for our annual (and this actually is something annual, 5th anniversary:)) #FIRESTONE GRAND PRIX OF ST. PETERSBURG🏁🏁🏁


I have already fixed my nails, in the correct color and design for a weekend of racing, by my favorite and THE BEST nailtechnican; #Janet Moore @mooreglitz


We had to make two small stops before we could head out to the airport.


The first was to drop my beautiful, sweet granddaughter Marie off at her preschool; #The Goddard School, were she has so much fun during the day and love her friends😍 Weeell, most of them😂 I really enjoy these little car rides in the morning, she is a ‘talker’ and have a lot to say😊 It is a mix of English and Norwegian, so it is not always easy to understand what she is telling me😂


Then we had to take our two little Pomeranian ‘divas’ to their ‘vacation home’; #The Rover Oaks. They get to have playtime with the other dogs and they get to relax, sleep and eat in their own little suite. YES, you read it correctly🙄 My two little #Pomeranians get to have their own little suite with sofa and tv to watch, all to themselves 🤪 Noooo, I don’t think we spoil them😂😂😂 At least they are at a great place and are being well taken care of by the staff there.


Saint George’s, Grenada

Saint George’s, Grenada, our final destination and time for us to pack up and leave this paradise for now🙁 We are sad to leave, but we’ve had a wonderful time and will for sure be back to some of these places😎

The men finally got Wi-Fi🤔, so the girls had lunch with the chickens; they were more talkative 😂

Got a little bit of shopping done too, in these colorful little shops 😊http://shopfidel.com/

And then we are off to Miami’s airport; the airport that serves all needs😊🐕

Thanks for following me; see you next time😊

Union Island

Now it is time for us to check out from the Grenadines and we have to meet up at the immigration office with our passports and immigration forms. Well, we send the captain (Bjørn-Tore) and Alan off to sort that while we relax at the boat and watch all the different ‘floats’ and people around in the Harbour.

We really got to see all kinds of different floats on this trip. Some small and barely floating, some beautiful, large and luxurious and all the ones in between.

Here’s a few;

Just outside Clifton, Union Island is this tiny little island made out of conch shells, were one local man decided to build a bar. He calls it Happy Island Bar and it really was a HAPPY place😃 We took our dingy out to this island and soon there was a group of Swedish 🇸🇪 people and another group of Germans

🇩🇪 there and that made the bar full😂

Dinner that evening was at the fabulous Sparrows Beach Club! The owner/chef is French and he just decided, some years ago, to move to Union Island after a sail trip there. (I think I can do the same; I could be serving Norwegian kjøttkaker😂) The food was unbelievable!!! The smoked Marlin was out of this world!

Petite St. Vincent

Gorgeous island of Petite St. Vincent!

After a a few hours sailing, this morning, we ended up at the beautiful island of Petite St. Vincent! What a paradise!

There is a resort, located on the Island, right on the beach, which can accommodate about 100 persons either in small cottages or rooms in the main building.

We had lunch, dinner and breakfast at the restaurant located right on the beach. The food was excellent and the service the same. One of the evenings we were relaxing and had barbecue on the boat, to the view of a beautiful sunset.

We decided to stay here for another day. Just relaxing and swimming in the blue green water, it was sooo clear; we saw everything under water. Not much fish to see, but still fantastic!!!

Next morning our friends wanted to check out the neighbour island; Petite Martinique. Alan and I wanted to try out the spa at the resort instead. We did not regret that😊

We were not disappointed!! Best massage we have ever had. Laying in a small hut up in the hill side with breathtaking view😍We both had a one hour massage, which was wonderful for my aching back and soooo relaxing. We each had our own little wooden hut, located on the hillside of the Island, overlooking the beautiful clear blue/green sea outside. Finished off with a nice warm shower, which was very appreciated after some days at sea😁 and a nice warm cup of ginger 🍵 tea.