It is cold!!!

Never thought it was going to be this cold in St. Petersburg😱 We were heading out for an early dinner, when we first arrived here, and ended up in the first restaurant we stumbled onto, because it was too cold to walk around outside! The food was great and we enjoyed the atmosphere in this cozy restaurant 😍

Home Alternative

Friday morning we met up with our friends; Sandy and Robert and we headed out to get the free passes they got from his ‘close’ friend @Jeff Lepper, the marketing manager of Pirelli World Challenge😊

with these passes we were allowed in everywhere and got to see everything and everyone worth seeing😊 Well, the men had probably more interest in all the cars and engines🙄 But we had a fun day at the track and the sun came out and warmed us up too😎 Inside the big area of the event there is always plenty of food to choose from, so I don’t think we would ever starve😂Finished the day off with some champagne at our patio and dinner at @Farm to Table for a lovely dinner amongst some of the drivers in the race🏁😊