St. Petersburg, Florida

Heading for our annual (and this actually is something annual, 5th anniversary:)) #FIRESTONE GRAND PRIX OF ST. PETERSBURG🏁🏁🏁

I have already fixed my nails, in the correct color and design for a weekend of racing, by my favorite and THE BEST nailtechnican; #Janet Moore @mooreglitz

We had to make two small stops before we could head out to the airport.

The first was to drop my beautiful, sweet granddaughter Marie off at her preschool; #The Goddard School, were she has so much fun during the day and love her friends😍 Weeell, most of them😂 I really enjoy these little car rides in the morning, she is a ‘talker’ and have a lot to say😊 It is a mix of English and Norwegian, so it is not always easy to understand what she is telling me😂

Then we had to take our two little Pomeranian ‘divas’ to their ‘vacation home’; #The Rover Oaks. They get to have playtime with the other dogs and they get to relax, sleep and eat in their own little suite. YES, you read it correctly🙄 My two little #Pomeranians get to have their own little suite with sofa and tv to watch, all to themselves 🤪 Noooo, I don’t think we spoil them😂😂😂 At least they are at a great place and are being well taken care of by the staff there.