Union Island

Now it is time for us to check out from the Grenadines and we have to meet up at the immigration office with our passports and immigration forms. Well, we send the captain (Bjørn-Tore) and Alan off to sort that while we relax at the boat and watch all the different ‘floats’ and people around in the Harbour.

We really got to see all kinds of different floats on this trip. Some small and barely floating, some beautiful, large and luxurious and all the ones in between.

Here’s a few;

Just outside Clifton, Union Island is this tiny little island made out of conch shells, were one local man decided to build a bar. He calls it Happy Island Bar and it really was a HAPPY place😃 We took our dingy out to this island and soon there was a group of Swedish 🇸🇪 people and another group of Germans

🇩🇪 there and that made the bar full😂

Dinner that evening was at the fabulous Sparrows Beach Club! The owner/chef is French and he just decided, some years ago, to move to Union Island after a sail trip there. (I think I can do the same; I could be serving Norwegian kjøttkaker😂) The food was unbelievable!!! The smoked Marlin was out of this world!